About Us

Our Vision

Snapper Rocks was born from a love of  the ocean, our Aussie beach culture, as well as our amazing local seasonal produce.  We wanted to create a comfortable meeting place to share amazing experiences as well as day to day occasions.

Our Story

Every restaurant has a beginning and ours was really simple.  We feel in love with the location.  Not just the Darwin Waterfront, but the location we have with amazing light, sweeping grass and views of Stokes Hill Wharf and Darwin Harbour.  Honestly the location led the style of restaurant, we knew what we wanted to do as soon as we stood there.

We really wanted to create a family friendly, accessible restaurant, that is focused on delivering amazing food and beverages at an affordable price.

Meet the Team

At Snapper Rocks we are lucky to have some pretty amazing individuals leading the team, who have devoted their careers to creating amazing experiences.  We want to create a casual fun environment, were we serve wonderful cuisine is a really relaxed, casual setting.   We just here to give you a great time.

David Robinson National Final Patron Perfectionists

David Robinson


David has spent +20 years working in hospitality, working pretty much every role with hospitality.  David is a highly awarded, both national and international, bartender, with a passion for local produce and Australia producers.

Wild Caught Local Snapper 1_Fotor

James Fiske

Executive Head Chef

James Fiske joins Snapper Rocks as Executive Chef bringing 23 years of experience working in Michelin starred establishments across the UK and Europe, and hatted restaurants in Australia.

With such extensive training and an expertise sourcing local, seasonal produce, James’ approach to the new Snapper Rocks dining experience is to create a modern and dynamic Australian cuisine that perfectly complements the Snapper Rocks Darwin setting.

One of James’ most important food philosophies is to work with local, seasonal produce to create dishes that are innovative and technical but accessible. He enjoys highlighting one hero feature of a dish and crafting everything else on the plate to enhance that one prime element.