Cocktail List



good spirits troppo gin | fever-tree light indian tonic | grapefruit

We make a truck load of cocktails, but hey, this is a great place to start. Internationally awarded gin, made in-house, amazing low sugar tonic, and ruby grapefruit. Life is alright isn’t it?

FORTY SPOTTED & TONIC                                                      

forty spotted gin  | capi dry tonic | orange 

our mate down in Tassie at Lark put out a seriously good gin, that we are happy to promote. We are fussy, which should make you happy. Great hits of juniper, citrus and spicy pepperberry, citrus and fresh orange.


good spirits troppo gin | house orange & lemongrass tonic | soda | lemongrass 

When we went with the sonic a while ago now, it was based on a trend with lower sugar drinks and a better for you element. We make the gin, we make the tonic from local lemongrass and orange, as well a seeping the cinchona bank here. It delicious. Not everyday do you get someone making their own tonic. Actually, I cant remember every going somewhere where they have had the skills to do this.


forty spotted wild rose gin | fever-tree mediterranean tonic | rosemary

Again our mate at lark punching out a great product. Roses and violets, with lingering notes of juniper, refreshing citrus, and fairy-pink musk stick, add some move refreshing lemon and rosemary and we unleash a great drink.

BLOODY PINOT SPRITZ                 

forty spotted pinot gin | stangelove lo-cal lemon soda | lemon

This Pinot Noir gin punch heavily, delicate citrus tangle with dark berries and plums, stretched with our mate in Melbourne at StangeLove with their lo-cal lemon soda. Not a diet drink, just a great drink.


good spirits troppo gin | stangelove lo-cal lime & jalapeno soda | lime wheel

This is me – David. StangeLove is the prefect accompaniment to a gin I take massive pride in. It spicy, good heat, not sweet but with awesome flavours. Quality ingredient that really suit out tropical environment.


Our cocktail list has been put together to focus on local Australian produce, while incorporating some really beautiful spirits.  We are really passionate to create a broad range of cocktails to suit any occasion.  If you are after a classic cocktail that isn’t on the list, please feel free to go to the bar.

Classic cocktails, as well as classic cocktails, interpreted our way



local kp mango | Bacardi | lime | orange simple 

is there a better cocktail for the tropics?  It is all about our local Kensington Pride Mango, sweet and sour, coconut, orange and lime.  Served frozen, sit back and enjoy.

RED SNAPPER                                        

forty spotted Tasmanian gin | tomato juice | citrus  horseradish | Worcestershire | pickle | salt | pepper

Love a bloody mary?  This is our take but made with forty spotted tassie gin.  Complex and spicy.

TOP END 75                                                         

good spirits mango gin | lemon sherbet | prosecco soda

Out Troppo is right at the forefront here with ruby grapefruit, juniper balance with the zippy lemon and crisp apple from the prosecco. 


forty spotted Tasmanian gin | ruby grapefruit juice ruby grapefruit oleo | soda

One of our favourites with quality Forty Spotted Tasmanian Gin, Ruby Grapefruit Zest & Juice, Salt and Soda. 

SPICY GINGER MULE                                          

42 below vodka | house local ginger syrup | soda  lime | mint 

Our Ginger Mule is unlike anything you have had before.  Think a hard ginger beer, but this is on steroids.  Big spicy punch. 

ADULTING ESPRESSO MARTINI                        

42 below vodka | cold brew coffee liqueur | espresso 

Our house cold brew coffee which adds flavours of milk chocolate & hazelnut and a hit of fresh espresso. 

BIG PIÑEAPPLE COLADA                                  

Bacardi | pineapple | coconut | saline | citrus

on holidays or not, we can transport you there.  Bright salted pineapple, coconut on display, done as well as it can be.

BEACH MARGARITA SMOKY                                              

patron Blanco | mezcal | marionette blue curacao  lime | orange oleo | salt

Not your average blue margarita.  It’s on steroids.  Smoky, yes unabashed smoke, yet displaying all the balance of a great margarita, with sweet agave, orange and mandarin flavours from the Aussie Marionette Blue Curacao and fresh lime.  Just a hint of mezcal takes this drink to new height. This cocktail was made for Patron, who want to promote the best cocktails from around the globe. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and its bright blue.

HOT TAMALE MARGARITA                               

100% pure de agave Blanco | orange oleo | lime  orange | salt

Created in 2015 at our sister venue Hot Tamale.  In our opinion, the best margarita in the world.

The thought was to create a margarita that was a hybrid of the Tommy’s margarita and the classic margarita. 

The perfect balance of sweet agave, salt, citrus, hints of orange and the vibrant kick from local limes.  Served over ice with a salted rim on the glass. Have it here or at Hot Tamale, or order it anywhere.


good spirits troppo gin | lime | orange oleo | salt

This is the gin version of our perfect Hot Tamale margarita.  Adds a tropical kick, with juniper, mango and a ruby grapefruit kick, balanced with vibrant lime.  Great spirits obviously make for great cocktails.

ROSELLA CLOVER CLUB                                  

good spirits troppo gin | rosella | strawberry gum  citrus | foam

Clover Club is gin, raspberry and lemon cocktail.  We make or with our own internationally awarded Troppo Gin, locally foraged rosella, which adds a flavour like cranberry and strawberry gum, which as the name suggests adds strawberry and eucalyptus. 

Great Darwin version of a wonderful classic cocktail.

PINEAPPLE MAI TAI                                          

angostura 5 rum | falernum | pineapple | lime  absinthe  

Really loose variation of a Mai Tai.  When I say loose.  We have lime and rum, its kinda where it ends.  We added a hint of the Caribbean with the falernum, which adds ginger, lime, almond and clove; super tropical.  Supported by the caramel and molasses of the angostura rum, the sweet and sour of pineapple and finishing with a slight rinse of absinthe.  Don’t be scared of absinthe, think adding hints of fennel.   Delicious.


American whiskey | pinot noir | black tea vanilla orange | lemon | milk to name a few

Ok, this is a little different unless your cocktail knowledge is up there.  Yes bartenders, we get you know what this is, at least hopefully.

Anyway, a milk punch, as the name suggests in a milk-based cocktail.  

Generally, brandy of bourbon based, ours is bourbon.  Ours though is clarified with the addition of lemon, which causes the milk to curdle, so the solids contributing to the beverage opacity are strained out.  Don’t be concerned.  100%, if you haven’t tried, it’s worth it.

TOP END NEGRONI                                          

good spirits troppo gin | mango vermouth | Campari 

The bartender’s fav, done our way.  We make our own mango vermouth, fermenting the mango skins, left over from our mango daiquiris, to make the base for our delicious vermouth.  Add our locally focused gin, and Italy’s fines, the bitter herbal Campari.

Our take it pretty good.

TROPPO DRY MARTINI                                    

good spirits troppo gin | noily prat dry vermouth  orange bitters | grapefruit peel

One of THE classic cocktails.  We have gone traditional here, our juniper, ruby grapefruit and mango orientated gin, balanced with the chamomile orange and coriander from the Noily Prat.  Delicious balance super dry martini.

TWO-FOLD OLD FASHIONED                           

Starwards two-fold whisky | simple syrup | Wattleseed 

Who loves old-fashioned?  Everyone.  You don’t have to be a whisky nerd to get into this.  

Starwards out of Port Melbourne hero’s this cocktail.  These legends are taking Aussie whisky to the world.  Think vanilla, tropical fruit and malt spice, with the added hazelnut and espresso flavours coming from the Wattleseed bitters.  

Interestingly enough, the old fashioned was known as an old-fashioned cocktail, which was shortened to old fashioned.