2021 Redbank Prosecco King Valley, VIC V1150
2021 Wicks Estate Vintage Sparkling Adelaide, SA     1150
2021 Gemtree ‘Pet Nat’ Grenache McLaren Vale, SA O B 65
Clover Hill NV Cuvée TAS 70
2017 Deviation Road, Vintage Brut Adelaide Hill, SA 90
2021 Sidewoods, Sparkling Rose Adelaide Hills, SA  V1360
2009 House of Arras, Grand Vintage TAS 150


2022 Jim Barry Assyrtiko Clare Valley, SA 80
2021 Sherrah Chenin Blanc McLaren Vale, SA 65
2022 Stella Bella Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River, WA 54
2021 Deep Wood ‘Ivory’ Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River, WA1148
2017 Grossets ‘Alea’ Riesling Watervale, SA  O B V 85
2022 Rieslingfreak ‘No 4’ Riesling Eden Valley, SA1255
2019 Howard Park ‘Mt Barker’ Riesling Great Southern, WA 68
2021 Hahndorf Hill Grüner Veltliner Adelaide Hills, SA 57
2021 Longview ‘Vista’ Grigio – Grüner Adelaide Hills, SA 60
2021 Apostrophe Riesling Sauvignon Gris Great Southern, WA1044
2022 Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills, SA1465
2022 42 Degrees South Sauvignon Blanc Coal River, TAS 68
2022 D’Arenberg ‘The Sun Surfer’ Fiano McLaren Vale, SA  O B 55
2022 Gemtree ‘Crescent’ Fiano McLaren Vale, SA  O B V1045
2021 Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio King Valley, VIC V1153 
2021 Mount Langi Ghiran ‘Billi Billi’ Pinot Gris Grampians, VIC1045
2021 Small Victories Wine Co Pinot Gris Adelaide Hills, SA  V 60
2019 Yabby Lake ‘Single Vineyard’ Pinot Gris Mornington Peninsula, VIC 80
2020 Shottesbrook ‘TideChaser’ Chardonnay Adelaide Hills, SA1045
2016 Pipers Brook Chardonnay Pipers River, TAS 80
2019 Giant Steps ‘Sexton Vineyard’ Chardonnay Yarra Valley, SA 110
2021 Skuttlebutt Moscato Margaret River, WA 44


2021 Gemtree Tempranillo Grenache McLaren Vale, SA O B1045
2021 Hahndorf Hill Winery Trollinger & Others Adelaide Hills, SA1360
2021 Yabby Lake Pinot Noir Mornington Peninsular, VIC 80
2021 Stella Bella ‘Otro Vino’ Tempranillo Sangiovese Margaret River, WA 70
2022 Yangarra Grenache Noir McLaren Vale, WA 65


2019 Ad Hoc ‘Cruel Mistress’ Pinot Noir Pemberton, WA  57
2021 Riposte Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills, SA1152
2021 Giant Steps Pinot Noir Yarra Valley, VIC 80
2020 S.C. Pannell ‘Dead End’ Tempranillo McLaren Vale, SA  V  58
2019 Protero Barbera Adelaide Hills, SA 75
2020 Penley Estate ‘Gryphon’ Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Coonawarra, SA  V20AC97 53
2017 Serafino ‘Bellissimo’ Montepulciano McLaren Vale, SA V 50
2020 Aprostrophe ‘Progressive’ Counoise Grenache Shiraz Geat Southern, WA1045
2019 Mt Langi Ghiran ‘Billi Billi’ Shiraz Grampians, VIC1045
2021 Battle of Bosworth ‘Puritan’ Shiraz McLaren Vale, SA  O V 55
2021 Kalleske ‘Moppa’ Shiraz Barossa, SA  O B V1570
2020 Shaw & Smith Shiraz Adelaide Hills, SA 100
2019 Giant Steps Syrah Carignan Grenache Yarra Valley, VIC 80
2018 Penfolds ‘Bin 150’ Marananga Shiraz Barossa, SA 160
2020 Penley Estate ‘Gryphon’ Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Coonawarra, SA  V 58
2018 Blue Pyrenees ‘Estate Red’ Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Malbec Pyrenees, VIC 75
2021 Wynns ‘The Sidings’ Cabernet Sauvignon Coonawarra, SA1255
2018 Grant Burge ‘Corryton Park’ Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa, SA 100
as wine is a limited, natural product, vintages subject to change without notice. 
V = vegan Friendly B = biodynamic O = organic


2021 REDBANK | prosecco | king valley | VIC   VF

delicious crisp apple and pear with bright lemon & a light creaminess

2021 WICKS ESTATE | chardonnay pinot noir | adelaide Hills | SA   

delicious crisp apple and white peach finishing with a light strawberry from the pinot noir.

2021 GEMTREE | pet nat | grenache | mclaren vale | SA   VF | ORG | BD

smashing little pet nat, that everything a pet nat should be. Funky but fruit driven at the same time, strawberry from the grenache carries through as fruity, zesty and crisp 

CLOVER HILL | cuvée | chardonnay pinot noir meunier | TAS   

fresh & vibrant finish with hints of crisp apple, lime, brioche and nougat.           

2017 DEVIATION ROAD | vintage brut | chardonnay pinot noir | adelaide hills | SA

beautiful winery located just outside of Stirling. Loftia is crisp apple and zesty lemon, the perfect aperitif style sparkling wine

2021 SIDEWOODS ESTATE | pinot noir | Australia     VF

zippy cherry , peach and strawberry with a hint of yeast brioche. Pale pink in colour and absolutely delicious.

2014 HOUSE OF ARRAS | grand vintage | chardonnay pinot noir | TAS

honestly one of the best. If you love high end champagne, this is you Aussie rival, every bit as good, exhibiting layers of toasted sourdough, field mushroom, lemon curd and roasted almond. 

LIGHT WHITES:                                                                                                     

2021 JIM BARRYassyrtiko | clare valley | SA

the Assyrtiko grape varietal hales from the Greek island of Santorini & is similar to dry riesling. It starts out with lifted florals, pear and lime with a talc like mineralogy running through the palate.

2021 SHERRAHchenin blanc | mclaren vale | SA

cool little winery punching out a great range of A bright summer fruited wine, lemon zest and tropical aromas with a textured palate

2022 STELLA BELLA | semillon sauvignon blanc | margaret River | WA

grapefruit and preserved lemon flavours moving through the palate with refreshing natural acidity leading to a soft and supple finish.

2022 DEEP WOODS | ivory | semillon sauvignon blanc | margaret river | WA

zippy palate with zesty lemon/lime, combined with guava and hints of thyme and spice.

2017 GROSSETSalea | riesling | watervale | SA     ORG | BD

 wow, wow, wow. Do yourself a favour. Almost dry, nice acidity, generous and long kaffir lime with hints of white flowers and herbs. Amazing and highly recommended by me.

2022 RIESLINGFREAK | no 4 | riesling | eden valley | SA

classic Eden valley riesling – slate-like minerality running beneath the punchy flavours of lime cordial and white elderberry

2019 HOWARD PARK | mt barker | riesling | great southern | WA

lively citrus zest and green pear, the rich lemon curd and quince build on the palate which is textured with a soft, talcy mineral note and driven by the line of fine citrus acidity. 

2021 HAHNDORF HILLwhite mischief | gruner veltliner | adelaide hills | SA

bursting with enticing tropical and citrus aromatics and the palate is a vibrant tumble of guava, pear and ruby-grapefruit.

2021 LONGVIEW | vista | grigio – grüner | Adelaide hills | SA

Grigio Grüner takes the best of Italy and Austria and blends them together to create a wine that is unabashedly Australian. My tasting notes are passionfruit, gooseberry, lippy acid, with great length texture

2021 APOSTROPHE | stones throw | riesling gewurztraminer pinot blanc | great southern | WA

refreshing blend of riesling’s cool minerality, Gewurztraminer’s exotic spice, and rose water with a touch of Pinot Blanc. Off-dry and zesty wine with aromas of lemon, lime, rosewater, talc and musky spice.

2022 SHAW & SMITHsauvignon blanc | adelaide hills | SA

pink grapefruit character, lemon, lime; a real persistence of flavour. Great balance with bright acidity. The Sauvignon Blanc that put Aussie sauvignon blanc on the map.

2022 42 DEGREES SOUTH | sauvignon blanc | coal river | TAS

fresh aromas of  ripe citrus. Rich mouthfeel, plenty of freshness. Flavours of peaches and lychees. The true Tasmanian style of Sauvignon Blanc.          

2022 GEMTREE | fiano | mclaren vale | SA    ORG | VF | BD

certified organic & biodynamic, single vineyard fiano, which has a refreshing lively palate with tropical fruits, texture and finesse.

2022 DAL ZOTTO | pinot grigio | king valley | VIC     VF

fennel, pear; the palate is all about freshness, full of crunchy and refreshing fresh fruit

2021 MOUNT LANGI GHIRAN | billi billi | pinot gris | grampians | VIC

crisp green and red apples and gooseberries, white stone fruit characters, underpinned by notes of citrus and a chalky acidity.

2021 SMALL VICTORIES WINE CO | pinot gris | adelaide hills | SA

lively fresh pear and apple, delicate florals that move to a creamy texture with a vibrant hit of acid. fun and delicious.

2021 YABBY LAKE | pinot gris | mornington peninsula | VIC

beautifully textured palate, delicious depth of fruit – with nashi pear and subtle spice.   Seamless and refreshing, the wine finishes long and fine.    

MEDIUM WHITES:                                                                                                 

2020 TIDE CHASER | shottesbrooke | chardonnay | adelaide hills | SA

 elegant nectarine and grapefruit typical of Adelaide Hills Chardonnay.

2021 PIPERS BROOK | chardonnay | pipers river | TAS

White peach, nectarine and underlying citrus pith are at the fore, with hints of mineral, grilled nuts and oak adding complexity.

2019 GIANT STEPSsexton vineyard | chardonnay | yarra valley | VIC

backbone of acidity, stone-fruit pithy finish, and some flinty minerality.

2020 SKUTTLEBUTT | moscato | margaret river | WA

the sweetest wine on the list, but the sweetness is balanced with nice acid. Vibrant spritz with flavours of pear, musk, stone fruit and confection. Balanced by the fresh cleansing acidity, which provides freshness and length.


2021 GEMTREE luna de fresa | tempranillo grenache | mclaren vale | SA VF | ORG | BD

strawberry & cherry are prominent with hints of lychee. The wine is soft, textural and easy drinking. Dare I say it, smashable

2021 HAHNDORF HILL WINERYrose | trollinger and others | adelaide hills | SA

made from a blend of rare Germanic grape, Trollinger, plus other Adelaide Hills red fruit. Pale watermelon juice colour, with exciting bright cherry, apple and strawberry core that’s offset by an exhilarating natural acidity. 

2022 YANGARRA | grenache | mclaren vale | SA     BD

elegant and dry style of Rosé, the grenache displays delicate rose hip and strawberry aromas with a juicy, crisp palate.

2021 STELLA BELLAotro vino rose | tempranillo sangiovese | margaret river | WA

Otro Vino = other wine. Adventurous, creative, exotic, and explorative hand-crafted wines. Aromas of cherry blossom, musk and pomegranate. A supple palate of musk and cherry fruits, backed by crisp, natural acidity, finishing with a juicy tang.

2021 YABBY LAKE | single vineyard | pinot noir | mornington peninsula | VIC

beautifully textured palate, delicious depth of fruit – dark cherry, plum with a silky savoury palate   Different and delicious to most rosé wines.

LIGHT REDS:                                                                                                 

2019 AD HOC | cruel mistress | pinot noir | pemberton | WA

fresh and vibrant, the flavours of black cherry and earthy roots with a fine long acid finish.

2021 RIPOSTE | the dagger | pinot noir | adelaide hills | SA

seductive black cherry overlaid with exotic spices leads to a palate of supple fresh berries, bright acidity and lingering fine grained tannin.

95 points Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion – Published 19 April 2022

2021 GIANT STEPS | pinot noir | yarra valley | VIC

delicious, fresh, and supple, the palate is flooded with juicy red cherry and strawberry fruits which are backed by vibrant acidity. Lying underneath are delicate forest floor, meaty characters, and spicy cedar elements. 

96 points – Phillip Rich

2021 HITHER & YON tempranillo | mclaren vale | SA

purple fruit flavours notes of choc-cherry mulberry, and hints of sage and rosemary. Smooth and bright with tight tannin and good acid.

2019 S.C. PANNELLbasso | garnacha | mclaren vale | SA     BD

fresh-fruit aromas of bright red berries and watermelon, with a touch of rose petal and musk leading on to a plush and juicy palate. It’s youthful, medium-bodied and lively, with a long, succulent finish bolstered by sandy tannins and a hint of dark spice.

2019 PROTERObarbera | mclaren vale | SA     

refreshing, deliciously medium bodied with loads of pink fruit and cherry compote. Bay leaf and subtle spice give rise to an umami finish. Great red for Darwin’s climate.

2021 ZONTE’S FOOTSTEP | violet beauregard | malbec | langhorne creek | SA VF

medium palate with abundance of primary blue fruits, think blueberries, with black plums, cocoa powder with intriguing savoury notes. The finish lingers yet is soft and supple.    

2017 SERAFINO | bellissimo | montepulciano | mclaren vale | SA

variety displays bright energetic red fruit, with soft elegant spices and long persistent tannins. 

2020 APROSTROPHE | progressive | counoise grenache chiraz | great southern | WA VF

medium palate with abundance of primary blue fruits, think blueberries, with black plums, cocoa powder with intriguing savoury notes. The finish lingers yet is soft and supple. 

BIG REDS:                          

2019 MT LANGI | billi billi | shiraz | grampians | VIC

aromas carry to the palate, offering florals and spice, luscious red and black fruits paired with fine tannins. Great example of a victorian shiraz

2021 BATTLE OF BOSWORTH | puritan | shiraz | mclaren vale | SA ORG

preservative free

about as natural as It gets, ferment it in open vats and bottle it immediately once it has finished fermentation.  Puritan is fresh and juicy with notes of red and black berries. Vibrant and delicious.

2021 KALLESKE | moppa | shiraz | barossa | SA     ORG | BD

deep purple-black in colour, with aromas including blueberry, plum, cinnamon, flowers, black liquorice and a hint of oak.  Full-bodied palate with an expanse of red, blue and black fruits

2020 SHAW & SMITHshiraz | adelaide hills | SA

medium bodied cool-climate Shiraz, in which balance is more important than power. The 2019 vintage exhibits balance and elegance, with concentrated red and blue fruit, perfumed aromatics and great flow on the palate.

2020 DEEP WOODSshiraz et al | shiraz malbec | margaret river | WA

juicy plums and dark berries providing freshness and vibrant acidity. Black pepper and cinnamon spice add complexity and texture with a persistent long finish.

2019 GIANT STEPS | syrah carignan grenache | yarra valley | VIC

lush, slurpy red, all dark berries, cola, pepper and sage herbal character. Good perfume, good flavours, good texture which is sandy and swishes with sexy, silty tannins. Long too. The wine feels medium weight, come hither and easy appeal, but dials in some complexity alongside its drinkability.

“It’s hard to put it down. So I didn’t.” 95 points – Jane Faulkner

2018 PENFOLDS | bin 150 marananga shiraz | barossa | SA

deep, dark red in colour, with a nose of lifted spices – cumin, dried fennel, and subtle notes of blueberry and juniper. The palate is highly fruit driven, complimented by a smidgeon of cola flavours.

96 Points – Andrew Caillard MW

2020 PENLEY ESTATE | gryphon | cabernet sauvignon merlot | coonawarra | SA  

dark red fruits, notes of mulberries, plum and cherry mingle with a touch of licorice to create a medium-bodied blend with fine, powdery tannins.

2018 BLUE PYRENEES | estate red | cabernet sauvignon merlot Malbec | pyrenees | VIC

The palate of this blended red is framed by abundant yet integrated fine grain tannins, and delivers a traditional old world style, with lingering fresh berry and choc-mint flavours

2021 WYNNSthe sidings | cabernet sauvignon | coonawarra | SA

classic cedar, tobacco and blackberry flavours with soft but succulent acid and superfine tannins. An elegant and detailed expression of cabernet that is seamless and persistent.

2018 GRANT BURGE | carryon park | cabernet sauvignon | barossa | SA

all the cassis, spice and licorice that you’d want from an intense, velvety cabernet sauvignon